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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a way of treating illness which uses the body's own abilities to make itself well, based on the principle of "like cures like". Homeopathic remedies trigger the body's ability to heal itself by stimulating a precise reaction in the body against the symptoms.

Homeopathic medicine is made from extremely small quantities of nanoparticles of substances extracted from plants, animals or minerals. The remedies are so diluted that, based on chemistry, it is difficult to find any molecules of the original substance in the remedy. Homeopathy can work in seconds or it can take years. It all depends on the circumstances and how one defines " work. " Generally speaking, a really good constitutional remedy will begin to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly, sometimes within days, and then continue to have a positive effect over months and years.


I am suffering from diabetes from last 10 years & taking allopathic medicines,facing lots of side effects now a days.do you have permanent cure for diabetes with your medicine?

Honestly speaking there is no permanent cure for diabetes any pathy, but yes with the help of our medicineit can be under controlled easily,without any side effects & you can live happy & normal life.

I was weighing 100 kgs & wanted to lose 30 kgs & I lost 10 kgs with the help of my gym trainer in the gym but now its difficult to lose even single kgs & I am losing my patience, feeling to quit the gym. I am very skeptical about taking medicine for weight loss.

I am not against gym & exercise. Many people quit doing exercise when they don't get result n their weight again bounce back badly. Trainers & dietician has their limitations,they cant treat your root cause. Which is very important for permanent weight/fat reduction. Trainers and dieticians can't be compared with expert doctors. I suggest follow your trainers but along with that meet some expert doctors, who could treat your underlying root cause.

I am facing very bad hair fall problem & I took one year package from some clinic, but even after taking medicine for 4 months my hair fall has not been improved. I am feeling to stop their medicine and start your treatment. I don't want to take package now because I wasted too much money in package.

Now a days hair treatment has become a big business in india. Big companies are promising many things & giving expensive packages for making big money. I suggest instead of big company name you should find good doctors. I am sure they will be far more helpful than big company name.

I took some product in powder form & I lost 10 kgs weight. But once I stopped that my weight bounced back badly. Now im facing high uric acid and severe joint pain.

There are many companies selling their expensive products in the market for easy weight loss. I meet many patients everyday who are facing many health problems because weight loss products, like-kidney stone n gall stone,high uric acid and joint pain, which is very common problem now a days. I always suggest never take any products for weight loss without consulting some expert doctors.

I live in Aundh. I am woking 12 hours shift & its very difficult to come to your clinic and meet you. Can you send medicine by courier?

Now a days because of very bad traffic & parking problems, we are sending medicine by courier to those patients who are unable to come because of odd working hours. In that case we take case history of the patients on the phone. We keep the records for further follow up. Now a days we are sending medicine all over india and abroad also. Word by mouth publicity is our strength. Once you see the result of our medicine than you give reference to many patients.

I took skin peeling treatment for my hyperpigmentation from a skin clinic. I felt good for 7-10 days but again my skin turned to black and brown, even more darker than before. I spent too much money n all got wasted.

Skin peeling means exfoliating your outer skin layer, that works for temporary only. We treat the root cause of skin pigmentation or disease,which gives permanent glow & positive change.

I took machine & massage treatment from a slimming center, after 10 sessions, I lost 8 kgs. Once I stopped again my weight bounced back immediately. I wasted my too much money there..do you have some permanent solution.

Machine treatment means money making business. They charge a lot on the name of the machine. Machine cant treat your underlying cause of weight gain. I suggest meet some experienced & expert doctors, who could treat your underlying cause for permanent fat loss.

My health check up reports are normal & I am not having any disease. I do exercise & follow healthy diet still im not able to lose my tummy fat.

I think, only homeopathic constitutional medicine can help you.

Do you recommend dieting and exercise also along with your medicine?

Change in diet according to the constitution of the patient is very helpful. Never follow blind crash dieting, you may face serious hair fall problem. 20-30 minutes walk is always beneficial.

How much do you charge for one month medicine?

I am not doing business so money is not our primary concern. You must have seen now a days that film & sports persons are selling each & everything in the newspaper & on television for money 24 hours. If you pay them money than they can dance for you and can give you awards also. They are very rich from outside but from inside they are very poor. I am more concerned about giving results n helping to my patients & their satisfaction is my award.

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