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Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss/ hair fall------acc. To dr dev.
  • 1.physical stress- eg injury,accidental,burn,dandruff etc.
  • 2-Emotional-mental stress,lack of sleep,hypersensitive people etc
  • 3.-Hypothyroidism- if patient is experiencing sudden hair fall,hypothyroidism may be the cause.you should not ignore it.
  • 4.-Anaemia-if the iron content is less than normal limit.iron deficiency anaemia can lead to sudden hair loss.
  • 5.Extreme weight loss-dr dev says-many people experience sudden hair loss after losing weight by crash dieting.to lose weight always follow healthy diet,which can lead to permanent weight loss.
  • 6.pregnancy-after delivery almost every female experience hair fall,it come under physical stress.
  • 7.protein deficiency-hair is made up of protein & deficiency leads to hair fall.
  • 8.male pattern baldness- androgen is present in male & female in different ratio.male pattern baldness happens only if androgen hormone goes up than normal limit.it can even happen to female also.
  • 9.heredity.
  • 10.poly cystic ovarian disease (pcod)-many female experience sudden hair fall /loss becz of cyst in the ovary,which leads to change in androgen hormone.defective/cystic ovary produces more androgen.
  • 11.medication-acc. To dr dev- blood thinners,b-blockers,and medication for mental diseases and depression,chemo therapy for cancer etc leads to sudden hair loss.
  • 12.over styling.
  • 13.anabolic steroids-body builders esp. those who take steroids for muscles building suffer from baldness very badly.
These are the main types,but there are many more causes.
Types of alopecia-acc. To dr dev.

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